The Little Guisapet Cave

Cats and dogs naturally like to burrow and settle into small holes. By doing this, they feel protected whether from predators or just awful weather. Even inside of our homes, where they would be protected and safe from such adversities, they still look for these places as a basic urge and need. They will look for a hiding-place where they can protect themselves from a night of thunderstorms, if they feel pain or just to eat their bones in peace. With this in mind we decided to create Guisapet Bed for cats and dogs, proposing a new vision and stylish concept for their emotional support. The Guisapet patented oval design provides a comfy place, offering a pleasant sleep with a bit more privacy for our beloved pets.  The elliptical exterior design, with protrusions in the superior part of the house resembles animals’ faces, being a fantastic attractive feature and also children love it.

Easy to clean

The Guisapet Bed, inside cover and cushion are fully washable and do not retain odour.


Our Guisapet beds are totally recyclable.

Long lasting - Durable

They are bite and scratch proof, made with injected Polypropylene, UV treated, anti-mould, antistatic and repel dust, made with the same product used as for automotive parts.


For dogs under 7 kilos, and cats under 8 Kilos.


Proudly made in Brasil and the oval design is patented by Guisapet.




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